Available Oil Paintings

Abstract painting with bold, blocky brush strokes featuring, purples, oranges, and reds with highlights of green and yellow.


14″x11″, unframed
oil on canvas

'Alpine Abstraction'

14″X18″, unframed
oil on canvas
$750.00 CDN

Abstract painting resembling a rocky alpine meadow featuring bold and blocky grey, purple and white with green and orange highlights.
Abstract painting resembling rocky landscape with an evergreen forest above. Bold, blocky brush strokes of various colours with accents of red, beige and brown.


8″X10″, unframed
oil on canvas
$250.00 CDN

'Kootenay River'

9″X12″, unframed
oil on canvas
$325.00 CDN

Rushing river bordered by large rocks with purple highlights. The background is a dense evergreen forest with sparse yellow larches.


30″X20″, unframed
oil on canvas
$1800.00 CDN

'Joy Joy’

’12″X6″, unframed
oil on canvas
$225.00 CDN

A bouquet of white, and purple flowers with hints of greenery in a blue vase set in a yellow room.
Arbutus trees with bold orange, red, and brown brush strokes. Yellow eild flowers with grass in the foreground, and evergreen trees in the background.

'Arbutus Trees'

27″X40″, unframed
oil on canvas

'Before Sunset'

16″X20″, unframed

oil on canvas
$925.00 CDN

A view of Mount Nelson in golden the golden hours as seen from a sparse alpine forest.

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“Caprice’s paintings are poignant and full of life.”