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I am an oil painter, art teacher, writer, art enthusiast and the co-founder of Caprice Fine Art & Co Inc.

Caprice sitting in her wheelchair in her backyard.

I first picked up a paintbrush in 1994 and have been painting across Canada – indoors and outdoors – ever since. My life has been immersed in art.  From my travels, it is the landscape of the west that truly speaks to me and this is the subject matter that most often winds up on my canvases.  My company first opened the doors of Caprice Fine Art & Co Studio Gallery in 2003 snuggled amongst the Rocky Mountains in Kimberley, British Columbia. I am surrounded by nature and beauty that inspires me daily.  My original oil paintings are now in private and corporate collections across the country and it has been an honour to have a close relationship with those who purchase my work. 

After painting full time for many years, it was a natural progression to start teaching art. My mentors Karen Hersey, KC Smith and Shane Garton taught me the rules of fine art, using the same principles that the Masters used. I am privileged to pass on their legacy to my students today. During my weekly art lessons and monthly art lectures, my students and I paint together and during this process magical things can happen. Art is the connecting link that goes far beyond oil paints, canvas and brushes. My goal is to bring out those hidden gems in my students in the same gentle and profound way that my mentors did for me. To read more about my experience with art mentorship, visit my blog.

Join the Community

Join our Artist’s Community

To nurture the connection between students and to share in our art experience, I host an online group in addition to classes and lectures. In this creative space like-minds come together and we share each other’s creative paths. Art tips and interesting articles are posted.  If art is your thing, either as a creator or as an enjoyer of all things art, please join us at Caprice Fine Artist’s Community. It’s free! 

Another perk of belonging to the community is that you get access to the Art Book Club. We discuss art books of all sorts.  Conversations are always lively with talk about art, artists, galleries, museums and travel.  During good weather, meetings are held in the garden at Caprice Fine Art & Co Studio.  For the rest of the year, we meet virtually.  No matter where you are located, please do join the club and let’s talk art. 

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Summer months

You are also welcome to tour the garden at the Studio Gallery.  During the summer months, Caprice and her students can often be found painting on the back deck. 

The studio

Caprice welcomes visitors to her Studio Gallery.  Come and see an artist at work.  See behind the scenes…or behind the canvas and how the works of art come into existence.