ART BOOK REVIEW- Banksy by Alessandra Mattanza

I had the great pleasure of reading and writing a book review of Bansky by Alessandra Mattanza.  Banksy is an artist I do not truly understand but I love and respect his philosophy that art is for everyone, not only the elite.  

“His dream is a city full of graffiti where graffiti is not illegal, a city where everyone can paint whatever they want, with walls of fresh paint with millions of colors, short sentences, verses of interesting words, messages to read, often political, but at the same time ironic, of love, peace and hope for a better world.”

With these ideals, Banksy has become an iconic figure all over the world. This fascinating book not only gives an in-depth look at Banksy’s paintings but also at his philosophy on art and life. Banksy’s work is very political but shines a light on the elitism of the art world. His medium is the stencil, which results in stunning lines, shapes, and compositions. Yet, graffiti art painted in public spaces is illegal art—unless you are Banksy in which case that graffiti becomes incredibly valuable, and institutions have made money off of his work.

To read my full review, please go to Cloud Lake Literary by clicking here

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